As Live offers your production more flexibility when it comes to filming for your ‘live’ event.

Interacting with audiences, especially in this current pandemic, without having to comprise on the ‘live factor’ of your event is what makes As Live a superb option. The end result will still be as sensational as a live event.

This method of filming in the studio space allows for retakes as well as editing the final footage from the angle you want to portray. The result…your remote target audience get to view an entertaining production!

The studio spaces available can be set up in a number of ways to feature important focal points for your event. If you require staging, LED screens and sound set up then we can arrange for this, please speak to our team to discuss this further.

As Live is suitable for many different types of events, from Awards Ceremonies, Fashion Shows, Music Shows, Conferences, Interviews and many more.

Call 0207 701 9444 to discuss your requirements with our team today or simply complete a contact form indicating when you need the studio for.