TV and Broadcast is more in demand than ever, audiences are wanting to watch ‘feel good’ programmes…and quickly!

Filming safely is an extremely high priority currently which our studio spaces offer. Filming in our studio is the ideal solution for short term or long term production.

Our Studios are exceptional spaces for TV and Broadcast filming.

  • Available with or without LED screens
  • Shiny Floor
  • 3 phased power
  • Standard or boosted internet connection
  • Easy access into studio
  • Make up and changing facilities

The studio space can be rented as a dry hire or can come rigged with specialist LED screens and AV equipment. LED screens are perfect as backdrops to scenes or can be utilised along with software to create an augmented reality.

LED screens are replacing the traditional green screen. Our expert LED technicians will work with you production team to ensure you have the highest resolution of the backdrop your scene requires. This extended reality technology is allowing TV and Broadcast shoots to continue safely and professionally.

Selecting a studio space to film your production will mean that you are confidently following in the footsteps of others in the TV industry, seeking a secure way to continue filming and meet with the demand of audiences for new material to watch during these unprecedented times.

Benefits of filming in our studio spaces:

  • Higher level of control compared to on location shoots
  • Experienced team on hand throughout your production
  • Studio locations are all easily manipulated
  • Working hours are more regulated, you are not dependant on external factors such as weather
  • No need to get the filming location of a studio signed off for permission to film in!

Call 0207 701 9444 to discuss your requirements with our team today or simply complete a contact form indicating when you need the studio for.